LG Elec says joins Google to roll out Google TV

January 6, 2012

SEOUL (Reuters) – LG Electronics Inc said on Friday it would unveil its first Google TV next week, joining Sony Corp and Samsung Electronics Co in partnering with the search giant to get a foothold in the emerging Internet TV market.

Google hopes to replicate the success of its Android mobile software in the TV market, but its attempt to conquer the living room has seen limited success so far due to a lack of web content and support from hardware manufacturers.

Google TV allows consumers to access online videos and websites on their TVs, as well as specialized apps such as video games. Currently it comes built-in on certain Sony television models and Samsung is also working with the U.S. firm to launch Google TVs.

LG said on Friday it would introduce its first Google TV next week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Google said on its blog that chipmaker Marvell Technology Group, chip designer MediaTek and TV manufacturer Vizio were also new partners for its Google TV service.

Grappling with slowing demand and cutthroat competition, TV manufacturers hope forays into the Internet TV market will help cushion squeezed margins.

Research firm DisplaySearch expects the global TV market to grow only 2 percent this year after no growth in 2011 due to soft consumer demand amid a weak global economy.


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